Tuesday, July 28, 2009

alright..i havn't been on here in awhile, i have a lot to do i guess. well in two days i'm going to illinois my hometown&i'm so excited. but right now i'm the worst mooddd. don't know what to do about it either. i need help.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

sooo tired

hmmm, i'm in ms office right now and i'm so bored. were watching "catchh me if you can" and we have to make a acronym which suucks but whatever. i'm texting :D

so how was everyone's weekend? no one comments on my blog which is gaaaay, i comment on yours..soo yeaah! i had a greeeat weekend (: sang karaoke w/ my best friend kayla and almost tayed up all night, but didnt make it, we needed redbuuuull. well i'm wicked tired right now i wanna fall asleep but i can't,ughhhh, school is almost over thoughhh.


so excitedd :D
well alright, i'm out.
i'll write latter.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

i can't takee my eyes off of you...

Hi there. I haven't updated in a while. My weekend by the way was so boring. But this week started off good, well it's like over now, haha :] But anywho, the guy i like,& have been talking too, has been really quiet lately. I asked him and he just said in a bad mood, but doesn't know why. But whatever :p
My grades are getting better! I got a 100+ on my math quiz. And a 77 on the test, which is alright. But i'm glad i still have my phone! Well i just got this blog thing, and like no one comments on it. What's up with that? So comment it :) or follow mee. I'm so bored right now, and always am. I wish there was at least one thing to do in my house other then text or get on the computer. But myspace and facebook have been so lame, i never get anything except picture comments, but that's good. Uhm, soo i'm drinking dr.pepper right now, so good. I'm obsessed with it. Yummy :D
Omggg we got our yearboooks today, and my picture Hhahahahah. So ugly, like i already am. Well, i'm going to go. Comments are wanted :D Bye lovelys.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

aaaah weekends.

aaah. so this weekend i'm grounded which sucks sooo much. i need so much help with school. i'm almost failing two classes. it's math and history, but math i can do myself right now because it's easy. but anyway, nothing to do for this weekend. so i'm gonna be writing on here all the time hahah. sounds gooood for mee. but today i get to go shopping, which is fun i guess. i need more clothes (: but i'mmma go.

have fun on your weekend people who have something to do.


Thursday, May 7, 2009

best friend!

this is katypackard. ever since i moved here we have been best friends
and we always will be. were mostlikely always together doing stupid stuff.
we even got our first kiss on the same night. i love her to death,<3 and i trust her
with my life.

well i'm sitting here doing nothing, like i always doo.
aah, well comment.


haha, this is me & my cousin. she's seven and she lives with me for right now. shee can bee soo cuute. but so annoying.
shee wants to be like me, so she copies me all the time, and it can get retarded sometimes. i love her to death, like a sister, just wanted to say some stuff about her on here :)


uhh, don't you just have one of those friends where you think they're true to you, and then they really aren't? i've had soo many of them. for right now though, i have this one friend who came to our school thinking she was the best evver. then we became best friends. but before i was best friends with another girl, but we had our ups and downs, then they became best friends. i felt soo left out. it hurrt me so much, you don't even know.
but now me&this one girl are best friends, except for now. she talks so much about me, and still thinks were best friends. she got mad at me for not giving her a ride homee.and now she says that i'm two faced? wow haha re-think sweetie. but now nothing matters to mee.
especially her.

twofaced people are not liked by me :)