Thursday, May 14, 2009

i can't takee my eyes off of you...

Hi there. I haven't updated in a while. My weekend by the way was so boring. But this week started off good, well it's like over now, haha :] But anywho, the guy i like,& have been talking too, has been really quiet lately. I asked him and he just said in a bad mood, but doesn't know why. But whatever :p
My grades are getting better! I got a 100+ on my math quiz. And a 77 on the test, which is alright. But i'm glad i still have my phone! Well i just got this blog thing, and like no one comments on it. What's up with that? So comment it :) or follow mee. I'm so bored right now, and always am. I wish there was at least one thing to do in my house other then text or get on the computer. But myspace and facebook have been so lame, i never get anything except picture comments, but that's good. Uhm, soo i'm drinking dr.pepper right now, so good. I'm obsessed with it. Yummy :D
Omggg we got our yearboooks today, and my picture Hhahahahah. So ugly, like i already am. Well, i'm going to go. Comments are wanted :D Bye lovelys.

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